First person experiences

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Rocio Faks | Barcelona


I contacted Claudia because I had a lot of stomach acidity the first time, and in one session she completely removed it! Then the second time was due to fear of the coronavirus and fears that were causing problems in my colon. That day the feeling disappeared, the the next day I contacted her again because I was still feeling some discomfort and that day she cleared it completely! It has been impressive how she removed the pain in both sessions. A very sweet treatment also and very effective !!

Chiara Currelli | Sassari, italia


Skeptical by nature, if I had not previously known Claudia's seriousness, 
I would never have tried this technique. I have been suffering from chronic back pain for years the tension in  those days was concentrated in the upper part and I could not breathe well, I think because of anxiety. I don't know what she did but it worked. I was so worried I couldn't even sleep. 
Well, after the session I slept for 12 hours straight, my back muscles were relaxed and my head was light. Thanks Claudia.
Gabriella De Leo | Dublín, Irlanda.


I was treated by Claudia for a painful stiff neck that gave me no respite. Claudia gave me about 3 sessions of 20/30 minutes, even though after the first session, the pain was almost gone. Through questions, Claudia tries to align the energy and heal the imbalances that very often cause physical pain. I was very happy and I will certainly rely on Claudia very soon. I invite everyone to try a session, to open up to new horizons.

Yvonne M. Jurgenfeld | Barcelona


I had so many problems that I no longer knew what to do... 
I had tried everything without significant improvement. Then I met Claudia and started doing some sessions with her, she worked on my sadness, my fears, my lymphedema in my arm due to breast cancer, my vitreous detachment in my eye, a son with depression and deep melancholy and so on... I did not imagine being able to have as many positive results as we are having, with visible and significant improvements. We haven't felt this good for a long time. I highly recommend this wonderful and special person. Thank you very much Claudia.

Jessica Moroni | Barcelona


The experience with Claudia is totally recommended! A few years ago I injured my right shoulder due to degeneration of the joint. Since then the pain has gone and come back constantly, without obtaining a useful explanation from the doctors and I resigned myself to living with that pain. When Claudia started treating me, it seemed difficult to reduce the pain, but in just a few days the swelling went down and finally disappeared. For two weeks Claudia has been asking me almost daily how I felt in order to continue treating me and “clearing the weaknesses”, as she says. If you are thinking of doing a treatment with Claudia, probably that traditional medicine has not been able to help you. But do not lose the faith of being able to live a pain free life... I really recommend this energetic therapy!

Ana Saborido | Mallorca


In February I suffered what some call depression. I would define it as physical and mental exhaustion, as a result of accumulating too many negative experiences. I felt tremors, everything bothered me and I ran out of strength. Insomnia, lack of appetite and total laziness. It was the first time in my life, and hopefully the last. I explained to Claudia what was happening to me, and I described her how I felt through voice messages. One Sunday afternoon, when I finished my audio message , I went to bed. And after a hundred nightmares, I woke up feeling like I was getting a kiss on the cheek. I got up and went to the park with my children. In the park I called Claudia to explain how good I felt. I got over it without any medication and without being forced to do so. I don't know how she did it, but I know that
she worked a lot on me. I have no idea what it is, but without a doubt, I am truly convinced that it works. And for sure, if I need something, I'll go to her again. The energy connection for me is incredible.
Luis Coronado | Alemania


Claudia and I are united by a common past of friendship and beautiful experiences. A few years ago, both of us moved from the city we were living and at a distance we managed to keep in contact. When the recent COVID-19 crisis started, I was one of the first that was diagnosed positives in the area of southern Germany where I live. I felt the typical symtoms, pressure in the lungs, I did not suffer from a cough, but I did have a fever and a vague and permanent headache. Chatting with Claudia, she immediately told me about my ailments in more detail (she seemed to know more than I did about my ailments) and that she was already working on them. It is worth clarifying that we are separated by a couple of thousand kilometers and our contact was simply by chat. Incredibly while she was telling me what she was doing (all via chat) I felt immediate changes in my body. During the following days we kept in touch and she had been working on my energy. I still do not understand for sure how it works, but I must say that it is simply from another world, and that she handles it very well. I can never be more grateful for her help, for her work as a therapist and for your concern for my evolution as a patient and as a friend. Millions of thanks Claudia, A big hug.

Shadia Gahzal | Brasil

Swollen gums

When I got pregnant my gums started to swell. After a year and a half of appointments with different dentists and two cleanings,  the problem was still there. After one session with Claudia the inflammation and swelling went away. I've been with my "old gums" for a month now. 

Nico Van Egmond | Barcelona


For a few years I've been living with pain in my shoulders, arms, elbows and hands. After doing an ultrasound, it turns out that I have a partial (50%) rotator cuff tear. I have done physical therapy, acupuncture, exercises and even several  injections. I helped, I had good mobility but always accompanied by a little pain that did not go away. 

It was bearable, but when Claudia did a session, the first one, she relieved about 60% of the pain and in the follow up, a week later, up to 90%. I would certainly recommend this method, because I think the last thing to do is to get an operation. 

Rosa Recuero Carmona | Sevilla


My experience with Claudia has been incredible. Two weeks after the beginning of the quarantine, my relationship ended very badly, suddenly after having gone through degrading situations, I saw myself at home, alone, I couldn’t accept this locked down situation and I was completely devastated. I have experienced all kinds of moods, all of them listened, calmed and redirected by Claudia. It’s been 28 days since that session, we are still locked down but I feel great. I do recommend the energy of therapy from this great person. Rosa, Seville.

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