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I was born in Venice, Italy and have lived in several cities of Europe. I have always been interested in the field of holistic health field but until a few years ago I had not found the one that fascinated me the most, until I met my coach: Rob Brinded. Rob studied with Doctor Kahm Yuen and deconstructed the Yuen method and adapted it to his experience and knowledge, creating his own way of working with.

I did many sessions with him over the last four years and  each session it felt like exploring new and deeply fascinating territories. Two years ago I called Rob as I had sprained my ankle and when I realised that , after just half an hour that Rob had been working on my ankle, I could walk without crutches, I decided that I had to learn how to do that! I became so passionate about the method that I started studying with him, and have been ever since. I doubt that I will ever stop, because it requires constant engagement and practice.

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