about me and my mission: Empowering Women


I was born in Venice, Italy and have lived in several cities in Europe. I have always been interested in the field of holistic health but until a few years ago I had not found the one that fascinated me the most, until I met my coach: Rob Brinded. Rob studied with Doctor Kahm Yuen and deconstructed the Yuen method and adapted it to his experience and knowledge, creating his own way of working with.

I did many sessions with him over the last four years and  each session it felt like exploring new and deeply fascinating territories.  Apart from helping me with many physical issues, the incredible change I’ve seen in just a short time was in my confidence and self esteem. I suddenly started to do things I had never thought I could do, finally stopped attracting toxic relationships in my life, it has been an incredible self-transformation in a very short time. As an Italian woman I’ve realised there were so many limiting beliefs that were blocking me, to enjoy, express and be myself. The relationship with myself and my body quickly improved: I empowered myself  and therefore  my mission nowadays is to empower other women and help them to get the life they deserve and desire.


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