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About intuitive/energy coaching

Why we are like computers

The human being is a perfect machine, physically and mentally . Things happen in our lives because of our internal programs running all the time, they mainly come from our subconscious mind which is governing 95% of our adult behaviour.


Why this method is so different: FAST RESULTS

 With this method we have the key to quickly reprogram yourself on the spot. By reprogramming the subconscious mind  we are balancing everything out , maximizing our femenine (ying) and masculine (yang) energy to achieve the best version of ourselves: is one of the quickest ways to directly change our personality. We will clean your internal computer from everything that is affecting the situation: thoughts,limiting  beliefs , traumas… Everything that you ‘ve absorbed from your ancestors, friends, parents,etc...

No prescription, just intuition.

Don’t expect me to give you prescriptions, it's intuition coaching, that means that I will boost your intuition and  align the energy. How?  By deleting what you ‘ve been told you are (or what you believe you are ) to transform you into what you really are, when  you get to that point,  you don't need anybody to tell you what do to, the answers will come from inside of you or outside of you.


What are the benefits of the intuitive coaching? 

-You will be able to govern our mind and not let our mind govern us: remember, our thoughts define our reality.

- You will  become more resilient , act differently with more inner peace and happier.

- You will become more self confident, boost our self esteem by eliminating limiting beliefs

- You can break patterns and start attract something different: we are electromagnetic fields, we attract certain situations and  people depending on our internal programs

-You can improve our body condition: many diseases and physical problems are just manifesting imbalances of our personalities and reactions to how we perceive our reality. 

 - You can Improve your existing  relationships and attract new ones.

.- Attract abundance

- Find your purpose


Do you feel there is something beyond the answers you have been given to your pain? Perhaps the time has come to explore new horizons.


Do you feel stuck and unable to leave an emotional or professional relationship? Do you have symptoms of anxiety and depression?  There might things that are weakening you that you can’t even imagine, let’s move forward together.


Are you attracting abundance in your life? Do you want to start to attract things effortlessly and maybe improve your business? With high performance energetics we can also work on that.


I saw a message that Claudia posted on a web page with her website, and it caught my attention. So, I decided to check out Claudia's method and what it was all about., After seeing her well-explained videos and testimonials, to be honest, I was completely intrigued. I then decided to sign up for the 10 free minutes that she offers, and from there I was hooked! I set an appointment with her to try her method.

I prepared myself to see her, making a list of things I needed to work on, which she helped me with everything! To give you some perspective, I had pain in my left knee for almost two months, the doctors gave me medication but it still didn't go away. I almost had to drag my leg the day I met Claudia; when she was finished with me I was raising my knee without any pain what so ever. Not to mention she helped me with past relationships, current ones including my work relationship with my colleagues. 

I have had one session with Claudia including a follow-up visit, and I can honestly tell you she has changed me for the better. Prior to meeting her I was upset, depressed, didn't want to leave my house at all.  After my first session all of a sudden I look forward to going for walks after work, doing things, and see possibilities for my future.

I think I said thank you 20 times to Claudia the last time I saw her, but the reality is I'd like to say more just can't find the words for how grateful she and I have crossed paths. You can tell she really loves what she does and her fantastic results reflect on her passion to help people.

Gabriela, Barcelona

How do you mend a broken heart? If only there was a cure! After one session with Claudia I immediately felt calmer.Even though I’m still going through the heartache of a breakup , I never thought I could feel better and go through the different stages of grieving a relationship this fast.

Lola, Barcelona.

What surprised me the most was how in a few moments the pain and sadness that I felt gradually disappeared on the spot. The emotional change was spectacular!

Elena, Barcelona

I can strongly recommend claudia because she actually really cares about her clients. She even wrote me emails to check on me and every session we had she was completely focussed and dedicated. The work she does helped me to let go of fears and patterns that aren't good for me and she does it in a very non dramatic way. Thank you for helping me becoming a more stable and confident person! 

Anne, Germany

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